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Facebook Foundations (FF001)

Social Media Marketing


A comprehensive and easily digested e-learning course divided into six separate units to learn the absolute essentials of setting up a facebook page for a dental practice. This easy to understand course shows you the precise steps to populate your Facebook page with useful articles and information, how to gain ‘like’, ‘shares’ and importantly new patient enquiries.

Who Is the Course for?

Facebook Foundations is designed with dentists, practice managers or dental practice owners in mind who have little or no experience with Facebook and digital marketing. The course acts as a really quick and efficient way of making sure that your Facebook page is set up correctly, tailored to the dental industry and that you know what to do on a monthly basis to make sure that it is driving traffic to your website and patients to your practice.

Benefits to You and Your Practice:

- Understand why you can’t miss out on Facebook marketing
- Take the exact steps to get your business facebook page set up and working properly
- Learn how to brand your Facebook page to reflect your practice
- Discover how to find and share good content (articles and information)
- Know how to create simple adverts that boost your page likes
- Know how to find fans and new patients
- Discover how to schedule your Facebook activity so it doesn't take up all your time!
- Have access to loads of tips and tricks used by digital marketing experts!

How is The Course Delivered?

This online course is broken down in to 6 easy to study units, each comprising 10-30 minute video presentations.

We recommend that you study the course at a rate of one unit per week so that you can work through each element carefully before moving onto the next one. Each unit comes with an element of ‘homework’ i.e. things that we will ask you to do to get your Facebook page really working for your practice. At the end of the day, this is a practical course that will require you to take action as you progress. We estimate that in just 1-2 hours per week you can make a significant leap forward with your Facebook marketing both in terms of understanding and effectiveness.


£149 for access to the full course.
(N.B. You have a maximum of three months to complete the course)

The Course:

Module 1 – Introduction to Social Media and Facebook
1 – What is Social Media?
2 – Why use Social Media for dental practices?
3 – What types of Social Media exist?
4 – Key elements of Social Media
5 – Introduction to Facebook

Module 2 – Setting Up a Business Facebook Page
1 – Comprehensive guide to setting up a Facebook page
2 – Reflecting your brand
3 – The basics of what you can do on Facebook
3 – Video ‘how-to’ guide – setting up a page from scratch

Module 3 – Finding and Sharing Good Content
1 – Why we need good content
2 – 4 tips for creating good content
3 – Content ideas
4 – Scheduling posts
5 – Frequency of posts

Module 4 – Community Management
1 – What is Community Management?
2 – How to monitor the conversation
3 – Dealing with negative comments

Module 5 – Creating a Basic ‘Likes’ Advert
1 – Facebook advertising basics
2 – Creating a ‘page likes’ advert
3 – ‘Boost’ a post

Module 6 – Spread the Word
1 – Why Facebook fans matter
2 – Online techniques
3 – Offline methods
4 – 4 Top Tips to build your followers

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  • Welcome to Facebook Foundations
  • 1.1 - Welcome and Introduction
  • 1.2 - Introduction to Social Media and Facebook
  • 1.3 - Module 1 Assessment Questions
  • 2.1 - Setting Up a Facebook Page
  • 2.2a - Setting Up a Faceboook Page DEMO (PART 1)
  • 2.2b - Setting Up a Faceboook Page DEMO (PART 2)
  • 2.3 - Module 2 Assessment Questions
  • 3.1 - Finding and Sharing Good Content
  • 3.2 - Module 3 Assessment questions
  • 4.1 - Community Management
  • 4.2 - Module 4 Assessment Questions
  • 5.1 - Basic Facebook Advertising
  • 5.2 - Facebook Page Likes Advert DEMO
  • 5.3 - Ads Manager DEMO
  • 5.4 - Creating a Boost Post Advert DEMO
  • 5.5 - Module 5 Assessment Questions
  • 6.1 - Spread the Word
  • 6.2 - Module 6 Assessment Questions
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever